Campaign Microsites

A campaign microsite is simply a relatively small website, often hosted on a sub-domain, that usually has a limited life. It will have very specific requirements and focus, and is turned around very quickly. However, this does not negate the requirement to be creative and technically robust.

The important thing with any website development is not to re-invent the wheel all the time. With our experience and depth of knowledge, we are able to create and develop websites within a tight time frame and to budget. Many of these have been for international sporting and corporate hospitality events, such as the Rugby World Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup, Twenty20 World Cup, The Tutankhamun Exhibition, as well as software and product launches etc.

So what defines a good micro-site?

Speed of deployment – we have been able to launch some of these sites within just a few weeks of commissioning. Speed is often paramount as contracts are won only weeks before marketing activity is required to kick off.

Robust – Perch is a fully supported and robust Content Management System that we utilise for most micro-sites. We can also offer e-commerce solutions and various ‘plu-in’ technologies to fulfil your requirements.

Creative – speed of deployment should not stifle creativity. We always strive to make each site unique, with user experience in mind and the communication process tightly managed.

Responsive – an absolute must. All our websites are now developed utilising a responsive grid system (mobile compliant).

Economical – we recognise the limited life that micro-sites often have and thus offer customers a fixed price solution based on requirements. We can cover all that is needed, including hosting and even copywriting and product photography if required!

Managed – we offer a fully managed service for hands free operation of your website. This includes scheduled go-live and end dates, content management, data collection, email marketing, content refresh etc.

Campaign micro-sites

For me, the campaign websites are some of the most exciting. The intensity of effort to pull a project together quickly is always exciting – and very rewarding. I would be delighted to speak with you about your next project.

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