Google prefers mobile-friendly websites

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Perhaps the most compelling reason to ensure that your business site is a responsive website is Google. The world’s most popular search engine, which currently owns 83 percent of the mobile market share, stated in 2012 that its algorithms prefer responsive design and the most recent Google algorithm update reinforces the search engine giant’s dedication to mobile-friendly pages.

Beginning April 21st 2015, mobile friendliness will be a ranking criteria for websites on Google. The algorithms will favor mobile-friendly sites, using a real-time, page-by-page basis to determine mobile friendliness, and penalize sites that display poorly on mobile devices. A website that is not a responsive website or mobile-friendly will suffer negative SEO and decreased search engine rankings.

Google has a number of criteria for determining the mobile-friendliness of a website. If you’re not sure whether your website meets the criteria, you can use Google’s free testing tool to analyze your pages, and receive suggestions on how to improve the mobile responsiveness of your website.

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